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There was a land where elephants and rats lived, together but separate. Rats had their community, elephants had their. There was plenty of food to go around... until there wasn't. Until a drought dried up all grasses, plants and trees. Until all that was left was a tree no one had bothered to name because no one had ever tried the fragrant nuts it bore. The nuts were too high for the elephants to reach, too heavy for the rats to carry down. When the nuts fell on their own, their shells would burst like eggshells and the ground would immediately drink up the juice that spilled out.

All animals could have straved, but the didn't. They started talking to one another. They talked and listened and by morning they knew what to do. Rats climbed up to the highest branches of the unnamed tree. They gnawed through stems that held the nuts. The elephants caught the nuts in their trunks, laying them gently and unbroken on the ground. The rats bore holes in the shells and the elephants poured our the sweet juice for both species to share. Together, the planted seeds tnd over the years a forest grew that bore the same name as the now-named tree: Elerat.

That's ELERAT enduring story. One where minds and efforts come together to create something new, amazing and lasting.